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APLU Meetings Calendar

NCRA 2017 Spring Meeting

  • April 3-5, 2017
  • Courtyard by Marriott Riverwalk San Antonio, TX
  • Meeting Minutes

Joint COPs Session 2017

Summer Mini Land-grant Meeting 2017

  • July 23-25, 2017
  • FourPoints by Sheraton, 1600 Cumberland Avenue, West Lafayette, IN
  • More info coming soon

2017 Fall ESS/AES/ARD Meeting and Workshop

  • September 25-28, 2017
  • Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia, PA
  • More details TBA

Contact Information

North Central Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (NCRA)

Dr. Jeff Jacobsen, Executive Director
jjacobsn (at)
446 West Circle, Room 408
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-7965

Christina Hamilton, Assistant Director
(NIMSS and Multistate Project Contact)
christina.hamilton (at)
205E Agriculture Hall
1450 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-2349
Fax: (608) 265-4528

Guidelines for Identification of Administrative Advisors
For North Central Region Committees

  1. Administrative Advisors should preferably be associated with a North Central State Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES).

  2. An AA may be ANY director, associate director, or assistant director in research, extension and/or academic programs.  Deans and Associate Deans may serve as AAs. Department Chairs/Heads may also serve as AAs.  Potential AAs also include those who have completed the ESCOP/ACOP Leadership Development program.  It is preferable that they have experience with Multistate Research Processes including experience as committee members and familiarity with the regional Multistate Research Guidelines.  The above statements apply to extension directors as well.

  3. If the situation calls for it, the NCRA may consider assigning a co-advisor to a committee in addition to an assigned Administrative Advisor.  Co-advisors may be required when the primary AA of an MRF project is a department head/or chair.  The co-advisor would oversee the functions of the primary AA. 

  4. It is preferable that an Administrative Advisor was not an immediately past participant on the project for which he/she is being considered.

  5. Many AAs, with the exception of department chairs/heads, will serve as AA to at least two regional projects which provides the advantage of reducing the learning curve and endorsing economies of scale in advising.

  6. Length of term for AAs are:  NC and NCCC/NCERA committees-maximum two consecutive 5 year terms; NCAC-one 6 year term; NRSP indefinite.

  7. Terms begin immediately following appointment of the new Administrative Advisor.