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2017 Fall ESS/AES/ARD Meeting and Workshop

  • September 25-28, 2017
  • Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia, PA
  • Meeting Website

2017 APLU Annual Meeting

2018 Joint CARET/AHS Meeting

2018 NCRA Spring Meeting

  • April 2-4, 2018
  • The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta Hotel, St. Louis, MO
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Contact Information

North Central Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (NCRA)

Dr. Jeff Jacobsen, Executive Director
jjacobsn (at)
446 West Circle, Room 109H
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-7965

Christina Hamilton, Assistant Director
(NIMSS and Multistate Project Contact)
christina.hamilton (at)
205E Agriculture Hall
1450 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-2349
Fax: (608) 265-4528

NCRA Guidelines for Starting New Projects

  1. Before starting, please browse our current projects within the NC Regional Research Portfolio. Once you are certain your project/committee is not redundant, contact the NCRA Office and inform us of your intent to set up a proposal request.Please DO NOT submit NCDCs into NIMSS yourself! The NCRA offices needs to be involved in the process and aware that a new project is being requested.

  2. Be sure you have registered with the NIMSS system and have your username and password handy.  If you are unsure if you are registered, contact the NCRA office for assistance.

  3. Decide which option will best suit your committee:

There are two options for you:

Standard NCDC Project or NCDC-Proposal

(Development Committee)

NC-500 Series Project

(Rapid Response Project)


NCDC projects - Development Committees (2-year projects designed for proposal/committee development)

  • NCDCs follow the federal fiscal year (October to September), so all NCDCs, regardless of when they start, will expire on September 30 of their second year.

  • Standard NCDC Requirements (see below for NCDC-Proposal Requirements):

    • Two letters of support from NC AES directors - one of these directors must be willing to serve as the project AA or assign someone to fill the role for them.  Preferably, these letters should be sent electronically to the NCRA office.

    • Electronic submission of a committee justification to the NCRA office.

    • Members of the pending NCDC must name a project Administrative Advisor prior to submitting this request. Please be aware projects cannot form without an AA; since we must be sure the region will support a project, the NCRA will no longer assign AAs for you.

  • These activities have two years from the date of initiation to convert to an association sanctioned activity (either an NC-type project, NCCC, or NCERA.  Please refer to the NCRA's regional guidelines for detailed descriptions of these projects), Thus, the technical committee has the option, at a later date, to obtain approval as a multistate research project or other multistate research activity, through normal procedures.

  • NCDC-Proposal Committees: An NCDC-Proposal serves as a platform for development of a multi-state or regional competitive grant proposal for submission to AFRI, NSF, NIH or other programs. Establishment of the committee needs the concurrence of three or more SAES directors and has duration of not more than two years. Membership of the committee is comprised of an AA, preferably the director from the lead institution on the proposal team, and scientists who intend to collaborate on development of the competitive grant proposal. The committee must have representation from three or more states working collaboratively of the grant proposal. The expected outcome is a grant proposal submitted to a regional or national competitive program involving collaboration among three or more states with a minimum budget of $1M per year. Should the committee not reach consensus on the development of a regional proposal, a summary report of activities is expected in lieu of the proposal. The committee chair is expected to submit a copy of the submitted proposal or the summary of activities to the MRC within 30 days after the grant program due date. A proposal submission or summary report would terminate the committee. Committee activities could be extended beyond the normal two-year period if the submitted proposal was not funded but received good reviews and encouragement for resubmission. Grant proposals and their reviews should be submitted to the MRC for renewal consideration.

NC-500 - Rapid Response Projects