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NC Regional Research Employment Opportunities

Customizable AA presentation available to take to your multistate committee meetings


APLU Meetings Calendar

2017 Fall ESS/AES/ARD Meeting and Workshop

  • September 25-28, 2017
  • Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia, PA
  • Meeting Website

2017 APLU Annual Meeting

2018 Joint CARET/AHS Meeting

2018 NCRA Spring Meeting

  • April 2-4, 2018
  • The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta Hotel, St. Louis, MO
  • More info coming soon

Contact Information

North Central Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (NCRA)

Dr. Jeff Jacobsen, Executive Director
jjacobsn (at)
446 West Circle, Room 109H
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-7965

Christina Hamilton, Assistant Director
(NIMSS and Multistate Project Contact)
christina.hamilton (at)
205E Agriculture Hall
1450 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-2349
Fax: (608) 265-4528

NCRA Multistate Program Virtual Handbook

We appreciate your service as an Administrative Advisor to a North Central project (NC, NCCC, NCERA, NCDC, or NCAC). You serve a key role to ensure that the multistate research program can its function. This virtual notebook is assembled to assist you in carrying out your duties as an administrative advisor. You may wish to print the material and create your own hard copy notebook. As you carry out your activities as an AA, you may think of additional information that would be helpful or you may come across information that should be posted here. In that case, please email Christina Hamilton with the material. In this way, we will continue to update the virtual notebook and make steady improvements.

New!! NIMSS Training & Handbook

  1. How to set-up a new multistate project:

  2. Procedural Training
  3. AA Responsibility Checklist: New AAs should read this FIRST!

    Preparing for your project's midterm (year three) review

  4. North Central Regional Multistate Project Guidelines - AAs should review Appendices N-1, & O

  5. Administrative Advisor Tips and Tricks

    NCRA Multistate Project Expectations

    National Multistate Project Guidelines
  6. AA Responsibilities

    Meeting Authorization

    Template to use for collecting annual station reports:

    Termination Reports

    Assigning Uploading/Editing Access to Participants

  7. Project Participation (Appendix E)

    Successfully Adding and Integrating Members onto an Existing Multistate Project

    To Create/Edit Appendix E

  8. NCRA Project Development and Approval Process 

    View or Edit a Project or Proposal

    Inviting Participation

    NCAC Committee Review Process

    NCRA Review Forms

    Guiding Principles of Proposal Review - Process and Evaluation Criteria

  9. Active North Central Multistate Projects/Committees and AAs
  10. Organization and Relationships 

    ESCOP (Experiment Station Section on Organization and Policy) Related Acronyms 

    Acronyms Used, from NIFA 

  11. Board on Agriculture Assembly 

  12. Rules of Operation for Experiment Station Section Board on Agriculture