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North Central Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (NCRA)

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General Procedures

  1. Directors responsible for traditional NCRA business items and directors wishing to introduce other agenda items will prepare a one-page agenda brief, including a statement of any action requested of NCRA. Attachments critical to the brief may be appended, but the agenda brief will be limited to one page.
  2. Agenda briefs will reach the ED office at least two weeks before the NCRA meeting in question so that materials can be duplicated and agenda briefing packets can be mailed in time to reach NCRA members ahead of the meeting.
  3. Directors should read the agenda briefing packet prior to the meeting.
  4. Meeting presenters will augment the written brief in the least possible time and propose the action indicated in the brief (if any).
  5. The agenda brief, along with notation of important discussion and action taken, will form the basis for the meeting minutes.


Meeting Date:
Agenda Item (provided by ED office):
Agenda Item Title:
Background Information:

Action Requested:

Action Taken:


Meeting Date: July 15-17, 2000
Agenda Item (provided by ED office): 14.0
Presenter: Dale Vanderholm
Agenda Item Title:Proposal for NC-191 Meeting With European Colleagues
Background Information:

Many ongoing research activities in the United States and Europe relate to the use of information systems at the farm level. At the time of the proposed meeting, research activities of this committee will involve use of protocol analysis to study the decision making process, and efforts related to systems design and standards. Research in the Netherlands has focused on developing a national agricultural information plan and systems design for strategic decision making. The German activities relate to integrating information systems across farms, agribusiness, and advisory services. Thus, there is much to be gained by a reporting of the research findings and the sharing of experiences. The objectives of a joint meeting are to:

  1. Share results on current farm information systems research;
  2. Establish professional working relationships;
  3. Encourage the development of appropriate international standards information systems; and
  4. Encourage collaboration on future research projects.

The University of Wageningen in the Netherlands has agreed to host a three-day meeting at their conference facilities. Participants will represent NC-191 and several universities and institutes in Germany and the Netherlands.

The typical cost to attend a normal U.S. based meeting of NC-191 per committee member averaged about $850 (based on information supplied by committee members for the last two meetings). An early spring meeting held at the University of Wageningen will cost approximately $1,300 to $1,400. It is proposed that each state will contribute $1,200 to cover the cost of the meeting. With approval of this joint meeting, the NC-191 committee members will solicit additional support to cover the balance of the cost. If additional support can not be located, most members indicated a willingness to cover the additional costs personally.

Action Requested: Directors' approval for NC-191 to meet out-of country.

Action Taken: Dale Vanderholm moved that NCRA approve a 1993 meeting of NC-191 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Seconded by Don Field. It was pointed out that blanket approval by NCRA would not substitute for individual director approval. Motion passed.