Submission of Annual Reports
and Meeting Minutes

Beginning in Federal Fiscal Year 2003, the NCRA began requiring all Annual Reports and meeting minutes to be submitted using the electronic SAES-422 format via the NIMSS system.

NOTE: The person submitting the annual report MUST have editing authorization.  If you do not have this authorization, contact your Administrative Advisor or the NIMSS system administrator, Christina Hamilton ( to be assigned editing access.  Each project can have up to three editors.

Please note that ALL NCRA projects/committees (NC, NCCC/NCERA, NCDC, and NCAC) are required to submit the SAES-422 form within 60 days of EVERY annual meeting.  If you cannot meet this deadline, please contact the NCRA office in advance.  Filling out the SAES-422 form allows all committee/project reports to be uniform in style and content. It also allows us to utilize the NIMSS system to its fullest potential, making the information easily accessible throughout the country.


Here's how to enter the information in NIMSS:

  1. Sign into NIMSS at  If you don't have login/password, you will have to register.  If you do have a login/password and have forgotten it, click the "track" button to have it sent to your email. 
  2. Once you've signed in, go to Reports/Meetings Draft/Edit Report.  If you are authorized to submit the report on your committee's behalf, the project should come up for you automatically.  If it does not, contact your project AA or the NCRA office for assistance.  Click the "new report" or "edit report" button to submit the annual report (SAES-422). 
  3. Use the links on the left side of the screen to edit the report by sections.  If the minutes are part of the annual report, you may use the "minutes" link to both post the brief summary of the minutes as well as the file (using the "browse" button to search for the file on your computer, but be sure the file is .pdf to avoid any viewing errors. NIMSS displays .pdfs the best over all other formats).  Be sure to click the Save button before moving to a new section.
  4. To view the entire report put together, click the "view current report" link on the left side of the screen. 
  5. When you're done, click the "submit report" link.  This will send notification to the AA that is ready for approval. 

If you want to fill out a hard copy to cut/paste from before you put it into NIMSS, forms are available here.  However, the official form MUST be submitted via NIMSS. 

For more information on SAES-422, please see, "Preparing an Effective SAES-422" by David R. MacKenzie, Thomas J. Helms, Daryl Lund and H. Michael Harrington.