Termination Reports

For the last year of an NC committees/projects (does not apply to NCDCs), the SAES-422 (annual report) will serve as both the final year annual report and the termination report. The emphasis in the final annual report should be on the accumulative accomplishments and impacts of the research over the duration of the project. Responsibility for preparing and submitting the termination report rests with the committee participants, although the Administrative Advisor should urge the committee to meet the reporting deadlines (six months after project termination) and will also need to approve the final version in NIMSS. Termination reports should be submitted through the same process as for annual reports (refer to SAES-422forms.htm), just be sure to select the Termination Report radio button in NIMSS under the Basic Information page.

The NCRA requires that termination reports be submitted to NIMSS no later than March 31 of the year following a project's expiration. Preferably, the report should be submitted within 60 days of the last committee annual meeting. If you need help uploading the material, please contact the NCRA office.

Official ESCOP National Multistate Research Program's statement on termination reports, from APPENDIX D -1 of the MRF Guidelines:

The Termination report may be submitted following the annual meeting during the projectís final year, but is due no later than March 31 following the termination date of the project. The Termination report replaces the Annual Accomplishments report for the final year. Fields with asterisks (*) are required. If you are adding attachments (for participant lists, meeting minutes, or publications) you will need to add them before you submit as a working copy or final.

For Termination reports, provide a comprehensive summary of all accomplishments and impacts of this project, particularly related to each original objective as described in the project outline. Other pertinent information may be reported, such as extension activities, extramural funding or intellectual property generated, etc. If any grants or contracts were acquired as a direct result of this project's activity during this project period, list granting agency, title of project, duration (eg. 1999 _ 2003), and award amount. Also, indicate if there are plans to develop a new or revised MRF project in this area research.

Termination reports should include an impact statement(s) that reflects the overall impact of the project. For Termination reports, list all significant publications resulting from the project. If this list exceeds the maximum character limit below, an attachment file may be used. Max characters = 50000. Single line breaks are not preserved, please use a double line break to separate paragraphs.