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Successfully Adding and Integrating Members onto an Existing Multistate Project


Multistate projects, like all organizations of diverse people, are social groups that develop their own culture and customs. Adding members to multistate projects is to be encouraged as ways to increase the diversity of disciplines addressing the objectives, introduce newly-hired faculty to their colleagues, and redirect the project as new needs or methods are introduced. The ideal time to add new members is during the writing of the project, but adding members during the project timetable can be done smoothly with some attention to the integration. Administrative advisors should be sensitive to the manner in which new members are added so that the energy and continuity of the project are preserved. This is especially the case for NC projects in which there are ongoing relationships already established to carry out the collaborative research. Obviously, new members are expected to contribute to the project objectives, attend meetings, and collaborate whenever possible. A method for integrating a new member into a project could include a discussion between the potential member and the AA about the project objectives and an invitation from the project chair for the potential member to give an extended seminar as part of the annual meeting (including how the new member sees him/herself fitting into the objectives). If there are concerns on the part of the AA or project members, the AA should follow-up with the new memberís Director.