Assigning Editing Authorization to Participants

According to the NCRA Guidelines, the Administrative Advisors' duties do not include writing or reporting on project activities - this is the responsibility of individual committee members.  The Administrative Advisor is there for "advising" purposes only. 

AAs may assign up to three committee members editing authorization to edit and submit documents into the National Information Management and Support System (NIMSS).  In most cases, these people will be technical committee members such as the chair, vice-chair and secretary. 


AAs should follow these steps to give these members authorization in NIMSS:

  1. Sign into NIMSS ( You will need to register if you do not already have a username and password.
  2. Move your mouse over "Reports/Meetings" and click on "Assign Editor."
  3. Click the "Assign Editor" button.
  4. Use the "Pick" button to select the name of the appropriate participant.
  5. Click "Set" to save the name in the system. The person should now be able to access the forms in NIMSS.


If you experience any problems with the authorization, contact the NIMSS system administrator