Inviting Participation on a New Proposal

**A training video for this and all other NIMSS processes can also be found by logging into NIMSS and selecting the Help option from the top right side of your screen.  Click on the NIMSS Training Video option in the gray box on the left.

As a new proposal is written, a committee may build its Appendix E simultaneously as long as the Justification and Objectives of the proposal have been submitted in NIMSS.  Once these sections are submitted, an AA can send out a letter to station directors nationwide asking that they add their participants to the new project.

  1. After a committee sets up a new project in NIMSS, Administrative Advisors will send out a call for participation.  To send out the call:  

  2. Mouse-over the “Participants” menu in the top navigation bar.  Highlight “Invite” and click on it.  *Note that you must be registered as an Administrative Advisor to use this screen.  An AAs will only see projects for which he/she is advisor.   

  3. To view the participant invitation letter, click “Invite.”

  4. The next screen displays a template of the letter, which will be sent to everyone listed in the To: section.  Uncheck any of the boxes if you do not want to send it to one of the people/listserves.  

  5. The participant invitation letter reads as such:

Subject: Request participation in proposed project/activity    

Your institution/agency/entity is invited to participate in a new or revised project/activity, (project number inserted here). The following are directions for viewing the project proposal entitled "(project title inserted here)" and for creating an Appendix E to authorize participation by your scientist(s)/specialist(s) in this proposed activity.

Please submit the Appendix E no later than
(Automatically fills in two weeks from the date you are using this function)

To View the Proposal:

1.     Go to the National Information Management Support System at

2.     Insert your login and password. (If you don't have a login ID, you'll need to register, also at the URL above.)

3.     In the Top Menu, Select Project -> Select View Projects

4.     Enter the project number, (type in the project number: NC_tempXXXX, S_tempXXXX, W_tempXXXX, NE_tempXXXX)


To Create an Appendix E for a Proposed Project:
For participants in the SAES & ARD: The experiment station director or supervisor will complete the Appendix E for participation.

For participants not in the SAES or ARD (for example - private industry or ARS): Obtain a copy of an Appendix E form from the Administrator Advisors (AA) of the committee, (name is inserted here). The potential participant should then return the completed Appendix E form to the AA, who then submits the Appendix E in NIMSS.

1.     Go to the National Information Management Support System at

2.     Insert your login and password. (If you don't have a login, you'll need to register, also at the above URL.)

3.     In the Top Menu, Select Participants -> Select Draft/Edit

4.     Select the project number (NC_tempXXXX, S_tempXXXX, W_tempXXXX, NE_tempXXXX)

5.     Under "Proposed Project/Activity", select the radial button to indicate you want to "Add a participant"; go to "Next Page."

6.     Fill out the form.

7.     Finish by selecting "Add Authorization Code" and then enter your code. As a station/entity/administrator, this will serve as your signature for committing the time and resources from your station/entity for you scientist(s)/specialist(s).

Thank you. Please contact the Administrator Advisor (name is inserted here) if you have questions about the proposed project. Contact your System Administrator (in your Executive Director's office) if you have questions about the use of NIMSS.

  1. When you are ready to send the letter, click “Send” and the letter will be sent to all the names that had a check mark next to them at the top of the letter.  You will also receive a copy of the letter in your email inbox.