Setting the Cut-off Deadline for Participant Entry on New Proposals

Committees writing a new proposal are required to have the writing completed by December 1. Upon completion, the proposal is submitted as final to the NCRA Office. After this point, Administrative Advisors should utilize NIMSS to set the date for the last participant additions. Once the deadline is set in NIMSS, participant information cannot be added to Appendix E. Thus, this date should be BEFORE the NCAC committees review the proposal. This will also ensure that the NCA committees as well as the MRC all review the most final copy.

To set the participant entry deadline:

1.   Administrative Advisors log into (NIMSS)

2.   In the green navigation bar, mouse-over "Projects" and choose "Draft/Edit." The project for which you are looking should automatically appear (this will probably be the temp number (NC_tempXXXX).

3.   Click on the "Proposal" button next to the project number. This should take you to the next screen.

4.   On the left side of the screen, locate the function that says "Set Cut-off Date." Click on it and type in the date you would like to set. Click "Set" to make sure that the date is updated in the system.

If you encounter any problems, contact the NCRA Office (, 608-262-2349).

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