NCRA September 2005 Meeting
September 26, 2005
San Antonio, TX

Meeting was cancelled due to Hurricane Rita.  Any actions taken below were approved via email ballot.  Refer to the ESS Meeting Minutes for other actions.

Time Item Topic Presenter
8:00 1.0 Call to Order Steve Slack
  2.0 Adoption of the Agenda Steve Slack
  3.0 Approval of the July 2005 Minutes ( Steve Slack
8:05 4.0 Executive Committee Report Steve Slack
8:10 5.0 Executive Director's Report
5.1: Changes to the ESS Rules of Operation
5.2: BAA Think Tank
5.3: NRI Priorities and Input
5.4: FY07 Budget Priorities
5.5: NIMSS Survey/Thesis Update
Idea of shifting more Hatch money into MRF
Daryl Lund
8:40 6.0 MRC Report
6.1: NRSP Voting Procedure & Recommendations (hand out ballots)
Daryl Lund,
Nikki Nelson
8:45 7.0 Nominations Report Gary Lemme
9:15 8.0 Other Reports
8.1: Sun Grant Initiative

Gary Lemme
9:30 9.0 NCRA Spring Meeting - Indianapolis, IN - March 28-29, 2006 Marshall Martin
9:45 Break
10:00 10.0 Program and Budget Updates by Station All
11:50 11.0 Resolutions
11.1: Catherine Woteki
11.2: John Gardner
Marshall Martin


12.0 Announcements
  • CSREES Regional Meetings for administrators filing
    Plans of Work and Annual Reports:
    • Monterey, CA, October 4, 8:00 a.m.
    • Nebraska City, NE, October 12, 8:00 a.m.
    • Washington, DC, (CSREES) October 19, 1:00p.m.
    • Charleston, SC, November 3, mid-morning


  13.0 Summary and Review of Assignments Steve Slack
12:00 Adjourn


Agenda Briefs

Item 4.0: Executive Committee Report
Presenter: Steve Slack

Background: No actions to report at this time. 

Action Requested: None; for information only. 

Action Taken: None

Item 5.0: Executive Director's Report
Presenter: Daryl Lund

Item 5.1: Changes to the ESS Rules of Operation:

Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 09:10:38 -0400
From: Eric Young <>
To: Experiment Station Section (ESS) Members
From: D.C. Coston, ESCOP Chair
Re: Notice of Motions to Amend the ESS Rules of Operation

I am writing to inform you of the following two motions to amend the ESS Rules of Operation that will be made by ESCOP at the ESS meeting on September 26 in San Antonio.

1. Elimination of the ESCOP Planning Committee "ESCOP moves to eliminate the Planning Committee as a core committee of ESCOP and to amend the ESS Rules of Operation by deleting the section under Article VII entitled Planning Committee and any other reference to that committee in the document." This motion was approved by ESCOP at its meeting in July. The Planning Committee's primary charge has become redundant because the Partnership Working Group is facilitating long-range planning and futuring jointly for all COPs and the ESCOP Budget & Legislative Committee is coordinating planning for budget and legislative initiatives.

2. Elimination of the ESCOP-ACOP Leadership Development Subcommittee "ESCOP moves to eliminate the ESCOP-ACOP Leadership Development Subcommittee as a subcommittee of ESCOP and to amend the ESS Rules of Operation by deleting the paragraph under Article VII that begins

"ESCOP-ACOP Leadership Development Subcommittee...." This subcommittee is no longer functioning because the new leadership program, LEAD 21, has replaced the ESCOP-ACOP program and is managed by a Board of Directors with ESS representation.

These two motions will be brought to the floor for discussion and will require a yes-vote by 2/3 of the voting members present for approval.

Please contact me or Eric Young, Executive Vice Chair, if you have any questions.

Item 5.2: BAA Think Tank Update

Item 5.3: NRI Priorities Update and Input

Item 5.4: FY07 Budget Priorities Update

Item 5.5: NIMSS Survey/Thesis Update

Nikki will complete her Masters' program in December 2005.  She will provide a preliminary update on her NIMSS User Satisfaction Survey (part of her thesis) during the ESS meeting. 

Item 5.6: Idea of shifting more Hatch money into MRF

On several occasions Colien and Gary have discussed the possibility of shifting more Hatch money into MRF type funding.  Mike Harrington prepared the following agenda brief for presentation to the Western Directors at their meeting.

Competitively Awarded  MRF Projects
Presenter:  H. Michael Harrington
For information only

In several venues both Colien Hefferan and Gary Cunningham suggested that one possible budget proposal for ’07 might be to increase the MRF requirement to 50% of Hatch with competitive review and funding of MRF projects.  The current thinking is that this effort would retain the match requirement under Hatch.  Any such change would also require a change in legislation. 

This proposal may address some of the concerns that surfaced in the ’06 budget discussions.  In addition, some states are seeing ways to focus efforts on specific issues rather than a broad portfolio on multistate projects.  Finally, many participants on MRF activities indicate that they “don’t get any additional money for the project”.   

In this scenario, the MRF program would transition from the current structure as current projects terminate.  This program would be phased in over a period of 5 years, with a percentage of the current MRF plus an additional 10% each year. Approximately 20% of the projects would be subjected to competitive renewal in any given year.  Those projects seeking renewal would submit a proposal for peer review with budgets ranging up to $2-3 million.  However, the Directors will allocate the funds in the end. 

Several impacts might be anticipated including: there would be fewer multistate projects funded; less overlap or duplication among the MRF projects; more up-front negotiations with faculty/committees would be needed; the ability to add/delete faculty from projects may be lost; and there would be considerably less flexibility in management of MRF funds.  It might be assumed that Extension Directors would also be asked to make up-front budget commitments for faculty participation on integrated projects.  Similar commitments would be needed for 1890 faculty participation. 

This proposal, should it come to pass, presents critical questions as to how the region would handle proposals from the West including:

What will the Directors’ role be in approving expenditure of MRF funds?
What will the Directors’ role be in approving MRF projects?
How will funds be handled and distributed to Directors
How will the region’s priorities be addressed? 
Should there be preliminary regional review by RCIC?
How will participation be invited?
Can new participants be added?

Action Requested on All Items: None; for information only. 

Action Taken on All Items: None

Item 6.0: MRC Report
Presenter: Daryl Lund, Nikki Nelson

Item 6.1: NRSP Voting Procedure and Recommendations

Background: The NRSP Review Committee, for the most part, agreed with the NCRAs recommendations in regards to the NRSP new proposals and budgets ( 

The NRSP Review Committee will present during the ESS meeting.  After the presentation, you should turn in your voting ballots (handed out during this NCRA meeting) to Nikki Nelson during the afternoon break.  The votes will be tallied during that break and the results will be announced soon after. 

Action Requested: None; for information only. 

Action Taken: None

Item 7.0: Nominations Report
Presenter: Gary Lemme, Steve Slack

NC Committees





Conservation, Management, Enhancement and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources

Catherine Woteki, IA

Wendy Wintersteen, IA


Systems Analyses of the Relationships of Agriculture and Food Systems to Community Health

John Gardner, MO

 CY Wang, SD


Landscape Ecology of Whitetailed Deer in Agro-Forest Ecosystems: A Cooperative Approach to Support Management

Kevin Kephart, SD

Scott Winterstein, MI


Interpreting Cattle Genomic Data: Biology, Applications and Outreach

Margaret Dentine, WI

Don Beermann, NE


Rural Low-Income Families: Tracking their Well-being and Function in an Era of Welfare Reform

Jan Bokemeier, MI

Robin Douthitt, WI


Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition

John Gardner, MO

Steve Hanson, MI


Economic Assessment of Changes in Trade Arrangements, Bio-terrorism Threats and Renewable Fuels Requirements on the U.S. Grain and Oilseed Sector

Marshall Martin, IN

Sally Thompson, IN


Beef Cattle Grazing Systems that Improve Production and Profitability While Minimizing Risk and Environmental Impacts

Darrell Nelson, NE

Don Boggs, KS


Nitrogen Cycling, Loading, and Use Efficiency in Forage-Based Livestock Production Systems (formerly NCT-196 and NC-189)

Kevin Kephart, SD

Dan Schaefer, WI


Domestic Surveillance, Diagnosis, And Therapy Of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies

Kevin Kephart, SD

Forrest Chumley, KS

NC1131 Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth and Differentiation Bev Durgan, MN Alan Grant, IN


Regulation of Photosynthetic Processes

Forrest Chumley, KS

Irwin Goldman, WI






MWPS: Research and Extension Educational Materials

Catherine Woteki, IA

Jerry Miller, IA





NCAC4 Horticultural Crops Bev Durgan, IA Gary Lemme, SD


Agriculture Economics

Alan Baquet, NE

Marshall Martin, IN


Agriculture Education Research

Alan Baquet, NE

Gary Lemme, SD
(to be replaced ASAP)






Research Planning Using the Current Research Information System (CRIS)

Darrell Nelson, NE

Doreen Woodward

Other NCRA





NCRA Chair-elect

Marshall Martin, IN

Forrest Chumley, KS


MRC Members to replace (3-year term):

Wendy Wintersteen, IA

Mary Ann Lila, IN

Marshall Martin, IN

Doug Buhler, MI


Nominations Committee Member (2-year term)

Gary Lemme, MI

Wendy Wintersteen, IA

Kevin Kephart, SD

Dave Benfield, OH

unlimited term

ESCOP Budget and Legislative Committee

Darrell Nelson, NE

Steve Slack, OH

Kevin Kephart, SD

Kevin Kephart, SD

unlimited term

NC Rep to NIAS Board

Darrell Nelson, NE

Dave Benfield, OH

Action Requested: Approve nominations. 

Action Taken: Approved

Item 8.0: Other Reports
Presenter: All

Item 8.1: Sun Grant Initiative
Presenter: Gary Lemme

Background: No report provided. 

Action Requested: None; for information only. 

Action Taken: None

Item 9.0: NCRA Spring 2006 Meeting - March 28-29, 2006 - Indianapolis, IN
Presenter: Marshall Martin

Background: The NCRA spring 2006 meeting has been scheduled for March 28-29, 2006 at the Embassy Suites, Downtown Indianapolis, IN.  Hotel rooms have been reserved for March 27-28.  We will meet all day March 28 and conclude by noon March 29.  More information will follow as the meeting dates approach. 

Action Requested: None; for information only. 

Action Taken: None

Item 11.0: Resolutions
Presenter: Steve Slack

A Resolution of Appreciation
Dr. Catherine Woteki



WHEREAS, Catherine Woteki on July 31, 2005, resigned from her position as Dean for the College of Agriculture and Director of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, a position she has held since 2002; and

WHEREAS, Catherine held the rank of Professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University; and

WHEREAS, Catherine has served admirably in numerous department, college, and university committee responsibilities, and has contributed to the broader community with her service on the NASULGC Board on Agriculture Assembly, Budget and Advocacy, Farm Bill Committees, Think Tank Subcommittee, and Science and Education Exhibition; National Research Council Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism; and Food Safety Research Consortium Executive Committee, to name a few; and


WHEREAS, Catherine’s research interests included food safety and nutrition policy, chronic disease prevention, and population health surveillance and monitoring, resulting in over 50 articles and 12 technical reports and books on these topics; and


WHEREAS, Catherine has been actively involved in national and professional societies, including Institute of Medicine, American Public Health Association; American Institute of Nutrition; American Dietetic Association; Institute of Food Technologists; Society for Nutrition Education, American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition; Chair of the Food and Nutrition Board; and


WHEREAS, Catherine attended North Central Regional Association meetings; and


Be it now resolved that the North Central Regional Association expresses its sincerest appreciation and deepest thanks to Dr. Catherine Woteki and wishes her well in her future endeavors.



Presented September, 2005

NCRA meeting, San Antonio, Texas, USA


A Resolution of Appreciation to
Dr. John C. Gardner
University of Missouri-Columbia

Whereas, John C. Gardner is leaving his position as Associate Dean and Associate Director of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri, a position he has held since 1999; and

Whereas, John is a product of the Land-Grant University System, with degrees from Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and

Whereas, John has provided visionary research leadership at North Dakota State University, the University of Missouri and in numerous professional and academic groups and committees; and

Whereas, John has made numerous contributions in crop and livestock production, new crops development, agricultural biotechnology and value-added agriculture and was especially effective in helping establish a specialty oilseeds sector in the North Central region while at NDSU and as President/General Manager of AgGrow Oils LLC; and

Whereas, John has been especially effective in improving communication between the land-grant community, especially the universities for which he has worked, and important stakeholder groups; and

Whereas, in his leadership roles at the University of Missouri and in the North Central Region, John has served on numerous significant committees that have influenced the future direction of research and extension in the region; and

Whereas, under John’s leadership the extramural research funding of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station has nearly doubled; and

Whereas, John has regularly represented the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station at North Central Regional Association meetings of the experiment station directors and served as administrative advisor to regional committees; and

Whereas, John’s research and leadership excellence has resulted in his selection as Vice President for Research and Economic Development for the University of Missouri System;

Therefore, the North Central Regional Association both commends and thanks John C. Gardner for his outstanding service to the Association, the Land-Grant System, the people of the North Central Region, and the nation.

Presented September, 2005

NCRA meeting, San Antonio, Texas, USA


Action Requested: Approve resolutions.

Action Taken: Approved