NCRA 186th Meeting

Oklahoma City, OK

3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Monday, September 14, 2009





Agenda Item



3:00 pm


Call to Order

Bill Ravlin



Adoption of the Agenda - Approved

Bill Ravlin



Approval of the July 2009 Minutes - Approved

Bill Ravlin



Executive Committee Report and Interim Actions of the Chair - None

Bill Ravlin

3:05 pm


Executive Director’s Report

5.1 Interim activities

5.2 Energy Updates

5.3 NC Intellectual Property

5.4 Joint Spring Meeting with Extension

Arlen Leholm



Marc Linit, Steve Slack, Marshall Martin, Doug Buhler

3:30 pm


MRC Report

John Kirby

3:35 pm


Nominations Committee Report

7.1 New AAs

7.2 Request to increase AA volunteers/nominations from under represented institutions (see

7.3 Volunteer needed to serve on Aquaculture Board

Sarah Greening, Doug Buhler

3:40 pm



Meryl Broussard

3:55 pm


ARS Report

Donald Lay, Jr.

4:10 pm 10.0 Use of Multi-State Funds for Travel - Discussion Doug Buhler, All
4:20 pm 11.0 Next NCRA Meeting Dates and Location (KC or Lincoln, NE) Arlen Leholm, Chris Hamilton
4:25 pm 12.0 State Reports All
5:30 pm 13.0 Resolutions - Approved Marc Linit
5:30pm 14.0 Other Business Bill Ravlin

5:40 pm


Welcome and Transfer of Leadership to New Executive Committee Members for 2009

2010 NCRA Officers List

Bill Ravlin, Doug Buhler





Item 5.4:  The proposed joint spring meeting with Extension was approved.  John Kirby and Doug Buhler will assist with program planning.

Item 6.0:  MRC Report

Presenter:  John Kirby


All new and renewal projects have completed revisions as requested and will start on October 1, 2009.  CSREES is still in the process of approving many of these, so some may not yet appear in the CRIS system. 


NC1026 requested and was granted a one-year extension.  This project will now expire on September 30, 2011.


Marc Linit will take over as MRC Chair for FY2010, effective October 1, 2010.


Action requested:  None, for information only.

Item 7.0: Nominations Committee Report

Presenters:  Sarah Greening and Doug Buhler

7.1: Thank you to our new AAs:    NC1036, Joe Colletti (IA)

                                              NCERA209, Kris Boone (KS)

7.2: Once again, please review to assess your institution's participation/support of our multistate projects.  We have a few larger institutions with very few volunteers and could use their help when we solicit for AAs.


7.3:  John Kirby nominated Dave Willis (SD) to serve on the Aquaculture Board.  Dave will accepted this role.


7.4:  An additional MRC member will be added for 2011 at the spring meeting.


Action requested:  Nomination needed for NCRA rep to Aquaculture board.

Action Taken:  Dave Willis was nominated and accepted role

Item 9.0: ARS Report

Presenter:  Donald Lay, Jr.


USDA Agricultural Research Service Report (ARS) to

NCRA State Agriculture Experiment Station Directors


September 14, 2009

Oklahoma City, OK


Research Priorities and Initiatives


ARS continues to address research priorities in the following primary program areas:  Animal Production and Protection, Crop Production and Protection, Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems, and Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality.


Future program initiatives proposed in the FY2010 President’s Budget include:  a) Childhood Obesity; b) Bioenergy Feedstock and Production Practices; c) Global Climate Change; and d) Research to Reduce World Hunger.



Budget Status: FY 2010


House Proposed Budget: Report proposes $1.155 billion ($15 million over 2009 budget) with an increase of $18 million to cover pay costs. The house report does not recommend the transfer of the Office of Pest Management Policy to the Office of the Chief Economist (this is in agreement with the Senate’s proposed budget).  Specific for the Mid-west Area is a request for $786,000 for Peoria, IL for Crop Production and Food Processing.  The committee also proposes an increase of $500,000 for cranberry research.  For buildings and facilities the House bill proposes $35 million, with $3,654,000 directed to ARS facilities at the Univ. of Toledo Greenhouse and Hydroponic Research Complex. OH.


Senate Proposed Budget: Report proposes $1.181 billion ($41 million over the 2009 budget). The committee recommends $3.8 million of which a portion should go to St. Paul, MN for strengthening grain disease research.  The committee recommends $2 million for research regarding cranberry production. In addition the committee recommends $300,000 for Wild Rice research at St. Paul MN; $200,000 for a genomics specialist in St. Paul; and $2.5 million for the Dairy Forage Research Center in Marshfield, WI.  For buildings and facilities the Senate recommends $47 million, with $4 million directed toward the Dairy Forage Agricultural Research Center, Prairie du Sac, WI and $3.5 million directed toward the National Plant and Genomic Security Center, Columbia, MO.



American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


An additional amount for “Building and Facilities” $176 million, for work on deferred maintenance at Agricultural Research Service facilities: Provided, that priority in the use of such funds shall be given to critical deferred maintenance, to projects that can be completed, and to activities that can commence promptly following enactment of this Act. (Recovery Act, H.R. 1-3).  For location specific information you can go to:


ARS Midwest Area (MWA)



            Director:  Laurence Chandler

            Associate Director:  Harry Danforth

            Assistant Director:  Vacant (We will be conducting interviews in September/October; 15 applicants qualified)


            Four research leaders will be recruited to fill vacancies in Peoria and Ames.


Re-organization of ARS units in the Mid-West Area


1)      National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR, Peoria, IL).  Reducing from 9 units down to 7 units.

2)      National Animal Disease Center, (NADC, Ames, IA).  Reducing from 5 units down to 4 units.

3)      National Soil Tilth Laboratory (NSTL, Ames, IA). To be renamed “National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment”. Reducing from 4 units down to 2 units.

4)      Research in Urbana, IL will combine two research units to form the ‘Global Change and Photosynthesis Research Unit”.



Recent Mid-west Area, ARS Awards


1 ) 2009, ARS Technology Transfer Award, Dr. George E. Inglett, Midwest Area, NCAUR.  For outstanding accomplishments in the invention and technology transfer of the multi-functional food ingredient Z-Trim which contributes to healthier foods for people around the world.  Z Trim is a new cellulosic gel food ingredient.  It is a fat replacer, texturizing agent and good source of fiber that does not contribute additional calories to food products.


2) 2009, ARS Technology Transfer Award, Drs. Joseph Laszlo and David Compton, Midwest Area, NCAUR.  For the development and successful commercialization of SoyScreen, a novel use of soybean oil.  SoyScreen TM was developed using “green” synthetic methods to perform as an all-natural, broad UV absorbing, antioxidative active ingredient capable fo replacing petroleum-based active ingredients typically used in skincare and cosmetic formulations.


3) Dr. Heping Zhu was awarded a Specialty Crops Research Initiative (SCRI) proposal for $1.8 million, titled ‘Intelligent spray systems for floral and ornamental nursery crops. His co-investigators are: Dr. Erdal Ozkan, Ohio State Univ.; Dr. Michael Reding, ARS; Dr. Christopher Ranger, ARS; Dr. Luis Cañas, Ohio State Univ.; Dr. Charles Kraus, ARS; Dr. James Locke, ARS; Dr. Stanley Ernst, Ohio State Univ.; Mr. Randall Zondag, Ohio State Univ.; Mrs. Amy Fulcher, Univ. Kentucky; and Mrs. Robin Rosetta, Oregon State Univ.


Action requested:  None; for information only

Item 10.0: Use of Multi-State Funds for Travel

Presenter:  Doug Buhler with input from all


Some stations, not NC ones, have been denying travel funds to multistate project participants.  The NCRA agreed that despite difficult budgetary times, it's important to encourage and support committee meetings.  Webinars should compliment but not replace face-to-face meetings.  Committees should be encouraged to meet in conjunction with professional meetings when possible.  More cuts may need to be made to poorly performing committees to reserve funds for more active projects.


Action requested:  None; for discussion only.

Item 11.0: Spring NCRA Meeting Dates and Location


The NCRA 2010 spring meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites in downtown Lincoln, NE.  Exact dates TBD based on Nebraska's basketball schedule and Extension's availability.  The MRC meeting will be held on a Monday afternoon from 3 to 5 pm, followed by the hotel's manager's reception.  The NCRA and joint session with Extension will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Chris will check with Deb Hamerik regarding UNL's basketball schedule for March and April and send out a Doodle survey to see which week works best for everyone.


Action requested:  Lincoln, NE was approved as the 2010 meeting site over Kansas City.

Item 13.0:  Resolutions Committee Report

Presenter:  Marc Linit


A Resolution of Appreciation to

Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy

Director of Agricultural Research Programs and

Associate Dean in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University 


WHEREAS, Sonny Ramaswamy has recently left his position as Director of Agricultural Research Programs and Associate Dean in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University to become the Provost/Executive Vice President/Dean & Director in the College of Agriculture Sciences at Oregon State University; and


WHEREAS, Sonny has had a distinguished career and is recognized as an outstanding scholar world wide including serving as University Distinguished Professor of Entomology at Kansas State University. He has substantial experience and a keen understanding of the Extension/outreach and teaching missions at our Land Grant Universities; and


WHEREAS, Dr. Ramaswamy holds several patents and he has produced seven Doctorate and five Master’s students.  His research interests fall into the overall category of reproductive biology of insects. His research has been conducted from a fundamental perspective and has resulted in world wide practical applications. His contributions include administrative leadership to a broad range of agricultural and natural resource issues and have focused on coaching and building the human capacity of faculty—helping faculty be the best that they can be; and


WHEREAS, Dr. Ramaswamy’s background epitomizes our global society—Sonny was born in India and became a US citizen.  He has served in key roles at Rutgers, Michigan State, Mississippi State, University of Kansas, Kansas State, Purdue, and Bangalore, India.   Additionally, he has a working knowledge of IRRI in the Philippines, CIMMYT in Mexico and ICRISAT in India.  He has contributed to AID and other international efforts in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  His global experiences include seminars and lectures in Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Hungary, England, Italy, Israel, Nigeria, Brazil, Uganda, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and India; and 


WHEREAS, Sonny is an interesting man with hobbies that include the arts, including stage acting and set constructions and passions including a love of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles; and


FURTHER, Sonny Ramaswamy has an engaging personality and infectious enthusiasm

and his intellectual capacity is complemented with a high level of emotional intelligence which means he not only is academically bright, he understands people; and 


THEREFORE, the NCRA hereby expresses its appreciation, respect and sincere thanks to Sonny Ramaswamy for his dedication, leadership, and impact on advancing research that has improved the lives of people throughout the world.



Action requested:  Approval of the resolution

Action taken:  Approved

Item 15.0:  2010 NCRA Officers List

Presenters:  Bill Ravlin, Doug Buhler




2010 Officers and Committee Members

(Fiscal Year 2010 begins October 1, 2009)



D. Buhler, MI, Chair (09-10) (

J. Kirby, SD, Chair-Elect (10-11) (


Executive Committee:

D. Buhler, MI, Chair (10) (

John Kirby, SD, Chair-Elect (11) (

F.W. Ravlin, OH, Past Chair (09) (

M. Linit, MO, MRC Chair (10) (

A. Leholm, NCRA, Exec. Vice Chair (Perm) (


Multistate Research Committee (3-year term):

M. Linit, Chair, MO (10) (

D. Benfield, OH, (11) (

J. Kokini, IL, (12) (

M. Schmitt, MN, (13) (

 A. Leholm, Ex-Officio (


Resolutions Committee (3-year term):

M. Linit, MO, (09-11)


Nominating Committee (2-year term):

Sarah Greening, MN, (09-10) (

Doug Buhler, MI, (09-10) (


Rural Development Center Board (2-year term):

J. Baker, MI (perm, MSU rep), (

A. Isserman, IL (


NRSP Review Committee Representative (NCRA):

J. Kirby, SD (2-year term; 2010-2012) (


ESCOP (3-year term):

D. Buhler, MI, Chair (10) (

John Kirby, SD, Chair-Elect (11) (

F.W. Ravlin, OH, Past Chair (09) (

A. Leholm, NCRA (Perm Alt) (


ESCOP Executive Committee:

F.W. Ravlin, OH, Past Chair (09) (

A. Leholm, NCRA (Perm Alt) (


ESCOP Chair's Advisory Committee:

S. Pueppke, MI, Past ESCOP Chair (

A. Leholm, NCRA (Perm Alt) (


ESCOP Budget and Legislative Committee:

S. Slack, OH (

J. Kirby, SD (


ESCOP Communications and Marketing Committee:

W. Wintersteen, IA (

W. Ravlin, IN (

A. Leholm, NCRA (Perm Alt) (


ESCOP Science and Technology Committee:

F.W. Ravlin, OH (


ESCOP Science and Technology Committee Social Science Sub-Committee:

C. Sigurdson, IN ( - Ag Communication

L. Nichols, SD ( - Human Sciences

F. Larry Leistritz, ND ( - Ag Econ

L. Busch, MI ( - Rural Sociology

R. Birkenholz, OH ( - Ag Education


ESCOP NIMSS Oversight Committee:

J. Colletti, IA (

F.W. Ravlin, OH (


North Central Bioeconomy Consortium

NCBEC Vice President, J. Colletti (